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ISS Will...

  • Identify when you are being overcharged
  • Officially document claim presentations on your behalf
  • Assume responsibility for claim recovery
  • Recover your international freight overcharges
  • Provide monthly reports of all outstanding claims
  • Provide quarterly analysis of why errors are being made and who is making them
  • Provide copies of all settled claims detailing basis for claim
  • Maintain a professional liaison with your carriers

An ISS Audit Program...

What is it?

  • Comprehensive review of paid export and import freight invoices
  • Exclusive international post-audit air and ocean freight focus
  • Detailed claim preparation, submission, and collection
  • Reports for management
    • Claim activity
    • Claim history
    • Trend analysis
    • Claim cause analysis
  • Ongoing monitoring for contract compliance
  • Extensive international air and ocean tariff resources and industry expertise
  • Low-impact procedures for accessing current international air and ocean waybills
  • Recommendations resulting from audit findings

Delivers to finance/marketing

  • Measure of traffic vendor billing performance
  • Lower landed costs for international products—exports and imports
  • Enhancement of existing freight payment processing
  • Upgrade of internal auditing skills
  • Focus on areas of quality improvement
  • Added staff support without personnel increase
  • No set-up charges or maintenance costs—fees based only on actual monies recovered
  • Complements client's freight payment programs

Delivers to traffic/logistics

  • Added tools for cost control/quality improvement
  • No-cost analysis of overcharge trends/activity
  • Expanded tools for benchmarking forwarder/carrier performance
  • Augmented departmental audit resources
  • Ongoing tariff education
  • Reduced transportation spend
  • No compromise of vendor relationships
  • Control of claim filing decision

What can you gain?

  • Overcharge recoveries to the bottom line
  • Increased quality of carrier rating performance
  • Improved vendor rating proficiency
  • Discovery and correction of problems
  • Actions to curb costs
  • Proactive tools to enhance performance

At no cost, ISS adds value through...

  • Problem correction
  • Improved rating quality
  • Overcharge visibility
  • Research and consulting
  • Recovery of overpayments

Audit service fees are strictly contingent upon recovery.